Don’t forget to ask for your KAZA Visa on entry to Zambia or Zimbabwe

We would just like to remind all operators to nudge clients about the option to request the KAZA visa which will cover entry both into Zambia and Zimbabwe.  (It is currently still not being offered as standard.)  This visa is th same price an therefore the perfect choice for those going on safari in both countries or wanting to visit both sides of Victoria Falls.

The Kaza visa is the ideal option for guests visiting throughout the year offering a combination of choice visiting Livingstone Island on the Zambian Side offering, in my experience the best Pimms ever with adrenaline fuelled swim on the edge in Devil's Pool or walk along the edge from the Eastern Cataract on the Zambian side followed by spectacular views from the Zim side over the Main Falls but also witness how incredible Devil's Pool looks from the Zim side...

As it is the same price as the Zambian visa for most nationalities, (it varies for a Zim visa but cheaper than a visa for a British Passport at $55), it makes sense to get the Kaza visa even if guests are unsure they will visit both sides rather than paying double for the visas if they do change their minds.