67 safari guides to get licenses from Uganda Tourism Board

Wednesday 30 September, the Uganda Tourism Board is holding the inaugural award ceremony for the first batch of safari guides who passed the skills assessment exercise held recently.

The Tourism Act 2008 gives Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) the mandate to license tour guides. When the mandate to regulate the industry was passed over to UTB in July 2014, guided by The Uganda Tour Guide Regulations 2013, management set up a committee to assess tour guides competences and skills prior to being licensed.

The committee is comprised of representatives from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities (MTWA); Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC); Hotel Tourism Training Institute (HTTI); Uganda Wildlife Training Institute (UWTI); Uganda Tourism Association (UTA); Uganda Business and Technical Examinations Board (UBTEB) and Makerere University Business School (MUBS).

In the inaugural assessment that was completed in June 2015, 67 tour guides passed and will be awarded certificates in a Tour Guides Award Ceremony to today at Hotel Africana.

Uganda Tourism Board will use this occasion to:

• Applaud the tour guides that passed the assessment for upholding quality standards in the sector;

• Communicate to the industry, about the commencement of the mandatory Tour Guide License;

• Enhance quality assurance programmes.

We believe that this occasion will go a long away in getting the industry to appreciate and embrace the tour guides license and other quality assurance regulatory issues.  

The Tour Guides Award Ceremony is at 5pm, Hotel Africana, Kampala.  The function will be officiated by Dr. Maria Mutagamba, the Minister for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, and will be attended by the tourism fraternity.