A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: You have to be everywhere - at once!

TIP: Your readers are accessing a vast array of content on a diverse range of devices and platforms. Rather than treating this multitude of touchpoints as a ‘time-consuming problem', view them as opportunities to reach your client again and again.  

Further information about adapting to an ever-changing digital world:

Consumers are taking in more content than ever - on a range of different devices and platforms - sometimes all at the same time. Your readers could watching a YouTube video on their laptop while flipping through Facebook photos on their phone or skimming through their emails and newsletters.

Each of these channels is a new way to connect with your clients - its about reaching them repeatedly across the diverse range of platforms, rather than viewing the devices and platforms as being in competition with each other.

For example a video on YouTube can be talked about in a blog and a photo that accompanies it can be shared as a stand alone post on Facebook. Three channels = three opportunities for you to reach your client.

An integrated digital strategy across multiple platforms should be at the heart of your marketing efforts.

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