A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Visual content should be your focus for 2016

TIP: We are visual creatures and the key to standing out in a sea of content in today's world is to create great visuals.  

Further information about why you should focus on visual content:

With content marketing now the norm, there are just so many great stories out there. Audiences can become overwhelmed and exhausted and that is why visual content will always stand out above the rest.

Images and video are quicker and easier to consume than text and innovations like 360-degree videos are really upping the ante, providing new ways for business to harness visuals - and lodges have an advantage in this regard because they can give travellers a fantastic first taste of what they can expect.

Also, brands no longer need an entire video crew - a cellphone and a meaningful story can result in thousands, if not millions of views if you choose your distribution channels well.

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