The World's First Gorilla Encounter in Virtual Reality

Experience the Travel Sector’s First Virtual Reality Travel Brochure

On 6 January 2016, Matoke Tours is launching the first virtual reality travel brochure allowing travellers to experience a complete virtual Ugandan safari. Come eye-to-eye with mountain gorillas, including a close-up encounter with a curious gorilla grabbing the camera.

Matoke Tours is announcing the travel industry’s first true virtual reality travel brochure designed to be experienced in your home or on the go with an Android app. The “Virtual Gorilla” app provides six unique chapters that provide a stunning experience of a trip through Uganda.

Track gorillas in the Bwindi rainforest, explore Uganda in a hot air balloon, and traverse land and water on safari. Become fully immersed in the beauty of Uganda and meet “Big Sam,” your tour guide who highlights real-world lodges where you can spend the night on your follow-up vacation.

Feel the emotion of an authentic travel experience

According to Wim Kok, director of Matoke Tours Uganda, the VR experience offers many benefits for travellers who are considering Uganda as a destination: “This app enables us to convey the intensity and emotion of the travel experience before the journey has even started. Travellers are then better able to decide which excursions they want to book.”

Android availability first, with iOS experiences to come soon

The VR experience from Matoke Tours is designed to work with Android smartphones and multiple VR systems. For the best user experience, we suggest the Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard VR device designed for smartphones. Begin your virtual experience by placing your smartphone in the viewer and firing up the Virtual Gorilla app.

Users of Apple’s iPhone can expect a similar experience in February when the technology is expected to become compatible with iOS devices.

Starting today, all users can enjoy the 360° videos on the Matoke Tours website that provide a look at experiences and lodges. 

Download the app and view background information

The Virtual Gorilla app, 360° videos, and further background information are available at: