A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Content marketing takes time

TIP: Content marketing takes time and effort and it can be tiring - but don't give up, the rewards are well worth it!  

Further information about why content marketing requires your time and effort:

Blog posts need to be written, great images and videos need to be taken or sourced, partner relationships need to be nurtured and social media communities require constant management and attention. There are no quick rewards or wham-bam approach to content marketing - this genre of marketing requires persistence, consistency and a lot of time and effort.

But the best things in life are well worth working for - use partners to help build an audience, create content that builds credibility and trust and over time you will see your followers become your fans, then your clients and eventually your very own marketers as they spread the message about how great you are to all their friends and family. This is a marathon and not a sprint - so enjoy the journey!

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