Good Gnus

Serengeti Balloon Safaris are currently operating in Serengeti South (convenient for guests staying in Ndutu / Serengeti South areas).  This is a seasonal operation from December to March and in addition to our main area in Central Serengeti.

We have been having some wonderful flights floating over the Great Migration.  For example, recently (4th February) our flight lasted just over an hour and covered a distance of 15 km.  The entire flight was over countless wildebeest and zebra and passengers could not see the end of the herds, such were the numbers.  To witness this from aloft is not only awe inspiring but also helps guests to appreciate the sheer size of this, the greatest movement of wildlife in Africa.

We are daily seeing more and more calves born and consequent ever mounting predator activity with cheetah, lion and hyena making the most of this bonanza.

We look forward to sharing these experiences with ATTA member's clients.