New Cultural Activity at Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge

We’ve just created an exciting new cultural activity at Manafiafy Beach & Rainforest Lodge: traditional storytelling on the beach. Immerse yourself in the local Antanosy culture and history as you sip a drink under a star-washed sky.

Manafiafy is an outstanding destination for adventure, wildlife and culture. Here are some of the top activities available: rainforest treks through the last untouched coastal rainforest in southern Madagascar, exploring the 40km Sainte Luce mangrove network for hours or even days, walk through the forest to watch flying foxes fill the skies at dusk, whale watching, kayaking, night walks to see nocturnal lemurs leaping through the trees and the mesmerising leaf-tailed gecko, immerse yourself in traditional village life or support local women with a visit to the Stitch embroidery project.

Rainforest treks

Explore the last untouched block of coastal rainforest in southern Madagascar to spot some of the 5 lemur species, over 80 bird species and an abundance of geckos, chameleons and other reptiles present in the forest.

Explore the Sainte-Luce mangrove network

Ideal for botanists, landscape photographers, birders and adventure seekers. This 40 km network stretches from Manafiafy to Fort Dauphin with the magnificent Anosy mountain range in the backdrop. Motorboat or kayak excursions last anywhere from 2 hours to 2 days.

Flying foxes at dusk

Visit the community-managed rainforest in the late afternoon to see large groups roosting and watch in amazement as the air fills with Madagascar’s largest bat species flying off in search of food at dusk. 

Traditional storytelling on the beach

Immerse yourself in Malagasy oral history and culture as the stars form a canopy overhead.

Whale watching

From June through mid-November, Manafiafy is one of the best places to spot humpback whales in Madagascar.

Night walk in the rainforest  

Trek through the forest at night to see nocturnal lemurs leaping through the trees, satanic leaf-tailed geckos and other masters of camouflage.

Visit to Manafiafy village

Manafiafy is a lovely Antanosy village with traditional wooden houses and pirogues lining the beachfront. Learn about the local customs and interact with the fishermen and their families.

Visit to Stitch project

Stitch was created by the NGO Azafady to provide local women with sustainable livelihoods by training them in embroidery, English and business skills. Embroidery is a traditional Malagasy skill which the women have used to make beautiful purses, belts, and more.   

And don’t forget our beach activities: snorkelling, deep sea fishing, picnics on deserted beaches and sleep outs on your very own private island.