A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Poor quality content is worse than no content

TIP: Posting poor quality content can be worse for your brand than posting no content at all. It hurts your image, rankings and readership! 

Further information about why posting bad content is worse than posting no content:

Poor content that doesn't engage your readers, is ill thought out and is hastily slapped together can be worse for your brand than no content at all. Poor content can harm your SEO rankings, your brand voice and your readership as audiences will tend to stray away from your brand.

Content that is fun, conversational, creative and has context will have audiences coming back time and time again to see and read about your brand.

Instead of hastily trying to get anything and everything out there, focus on finding fun visuals that are shareable, creating headlines that speak to your audience within seconds and articles that solve problems, inspire or simply are great entertainment.

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