A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: You need to pay to be seen

TIP: No more freebies for social media and blogging - the organic taps have been turned off by the media platform giants and you need to pay in order to be seen!  

Further information about why you shouldn't cut your marketing budget:

Social media, blogging and digital marketing channels can seem like free or low cost marketing but cash is still required to get your brand seen by audiences important to your business. You may not be allocating that big budget to TV adverts, print spreads or brochure creation anymore but digital advertising still requires funding!

For instance Google, Facebook and even Twitter, are turning off the taps on the amount of organic traffic audiences see - even with those audiences that have already chosen to follow you. So in order to really stand out, brands have to invest in paid advertising or in partnerships where bigger brands help promote content. Clever campaigns require people who understand the space, resources to make them happen and budget to get the message out there. There is no point in creating fabulous content if it never gets seen!

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