The Wonders of the Uganda Equator | Safari Uganda

The Uganda equator is a very popular landmark in Uganda and a much loved stopover for tourists on Safari in Uganda. Wikipedia defines it is an imaginary line which divides the planet into two equal parts. Below we have highlighted some of the unique wonders to enjoy while there.

  • At the Equator that you’ll have the ability to stand in the two sides of this planet, with one foot in the north and the other in the south hemisphere
  • At the equator the lengths of the day are equal to the night
  • Around the equator people experience a tropical climate all year round

The Water drainage experiment:  in the northern hemisphere water drains down a whole in a clockwise direction. In the southern hemisphere it does so in an anti-clockwise direction while at the equator it drains straight down.

At the equator you weigh less by O.5% of your weight so gravity is less by 0.5 % at the Equator-line