A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Be smart about where people can view your content

TIP: It's tempting to place all your content on your own website and social media pages, instead of using third party partners, but the best strategy is to use both.    

More about deciding where to place your content:

Some lodges and agents place their best photos, videos and blog content on their own pages, in the belief that this is in their best interests.

The best marketing strategy is to split your content between your own pages (where you have most control but a smaller audience) and third party blogs and social media sites (where you have less control but access to larger audiences). When it comes to third party content distribution, you can either have an ongoing agreement with selected partners to share content (preferred) or try ad-hoc approaches to various partners (less likely to succeed). 

Just be sure to create new and innovative content for all the channels you decide to dabble in, rather than repeating duplicate content (Google and Facebook algorithms will penalise you for posting duplicate content).

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