Changes to Refund Cancellation Fees

From today 10 May, British Airways will begin implementing a change to the refunds policy for British Airways (BA) fares.

This will enable our trade partners to automate refunds as it will use industry standard ATPCO Category 33.

The automation will lead to a reduction in the time taken to process refunds for British Airways customers. We will begin this process with public fares, and later private fares, helping to streamline the overall customer experience

The main driver behind this change is so that we can implement automation on the refunds process. It is not our intention to use this to increase the collection of penalty fees.

In order for us to automate the refunds of tickets we had to change the refund policy, as the existing policy could not be automated using existing technology.

Most scenarios will result in the same refund as before this change.


· Wholly fully flex

· Wholly non-refundable

· Combinations of

o    fully-flex with semi-flex

o    fully-flex with non-refundable

o    semi-flex with non-refundable

 Attached is a PDF which explains the process in more details, plus some FAQ’s to help with any queries from our partners.

 For more information on this, please email: