A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: It's all in the headline

TIP: A large obstacle between you and your readers is a catchy headline. Great titles sell content, so make sure you know how to create headlines your readers can't resist.  

More about how to write catchy headlines: 

Headlines are important for search engines, email subject lines, and on social media! They are the first introduction of your content to your audience and need to be inciting, exciting and also need to provide a promise on which your content delivers.

Your blog title should set clear expectations for your readers and set the tone in which they read your post, while still including just enough spice to leave your audience wanting to know more. Have fun with alliteration, use numbers, make it personal, ask a question, but most importantly, keep it short and to the point! Titles under 70 characters won't get cut off in search engine results, and according to HubSpot, headlines between 8–12 words in length get the most Twitter shares, while on Facebook headlines with either 12 or 14 words receive the most likes.

Remember that by focussing on keywords, as well as share-ability, you will create a headline that works for SEO, emails and social media.

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