Important industry release regarding the review of Camp Jabulani’s Elephant Experience

A decision has been taken to completely phase out elephant-back safaris. By 1 April 2017, The Elephant Experience at Camp Jabulani will no longer include elephant rides.

It is important to understand the origin of the CJ elephant herd. 12 Elephants were trained for elephant-back safaris on a farm in Zimbabwe from which they were rescued at own cost.  A rescue operation was planned and executed, and the herd and their groomsmen were relocated to South Africa.

We built Camp Jabulani, and structured its unique offering around the elephants in order to sustain them and keep them alive. From the beginning we worked closely with an advisory committee of veterinary specialists for guidance.

Our training has always been based on positive re-enforcement, and no animal in our care has ever been physically or spiritually abused.

Looking after this group of elephants was a responsibility that we accepted from the beginning, and it is a commitment that we have no intention of forfeiting.

The Elephant Experience will evolve into an interactive and observational one.  Visitors will have the opportunity to meet the elephants as well as view them in close proximity, learning more about their behaviour, their unique character traits, their incredible story, and what is takes to take care of a herd of this size.

Should you have any queries or wish to comment with feedback, please email Mari Theunissen, Marketing Manager|