Introducing Journeys Under Canvas

Ultimate Safaris has from the onset been synonymous with pioneering safaris in Namibia.   As a result, we are delighted to introduce Ultimate Safaris’ Journeys Under Canvas, which is particularly appealing to those who want to connect with the earth, culture and wildlife in a very up-close and personal way.  
Our Under Canvas camps are non-participatory and are serviced and equipped to ensure that guests can stay in great comfort and to allow them to relax and revel in the feeling of space and solitude that makes Namibia so special. Added to that, we consider good food and wine to be an important part of the overall experience so our catering in camp is of a suitably high standard. Delicious, wholesome meals with local delicacies are prepared for each meal time using fresh local produce wherever possible. 
Our Under Canvas camps use large rectangular Meru tents (4m x 3m x 2.5m) with built in groundsheets and mosquito screens on all doors and windows. Each tent is equipped with solar lighting, bedside table, comfortable standard height camp beds and mattresses with normal bedding as well as an additional blanket and a hot water bottle for those chilly nights, and a cabinet.  Towels and toiletries are also provided in the bathroom which also has its own toilet (flush or field depending on the location of the camp), bucket shower and washbasin. A small table, mirror and solar lighting are also provided in the bathroom.  
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