Jenman African Safaris phasing out hands-on animal interactions

As tourists become more discerning customers, the tourism market is changing and tour operators must help create a sustainable environment.

Jenman African Safaris has decided to start phasing out all animal interactions such as cheetah petting, lion walks and ostrich rides from its itineraries and product offering.

Preserving our natural environment is key. Garth Jenman, Managing Director of Jenman African Safaris, says “It’s up to us to set an example to our clients, suppliers and staff, of caring about the communities and environment in which we operate. By doing so, we help to create a sustainable company that gives back.”

The company is assessing its every product and has decided to phase out irresponsible hands-on animal interactions. This should be effective by the end of 2016. However, Jenman will continue to offer animal inter-actions of a photographic nature, or interactions that comply with the responsible tourism guidelines.