A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: How Content Marketing can help your SEO

TIP: Getting links from 'high domain' authorities such as Africa Geographic will actually help your site rank higher on Google.

Improving your SEO through Content Marketing : 

The rules of Search Engine Optimisation are constantly changing. One way to stay ahead of Google's ever-changing algorithms is to ensure that you have quality, high domain links back to your website. To impress Google you need more than onsite SEO, you need to have ‘back links’ from reputable sites, like us. This tells Google that you are also reputable and that other people and sites trust you.

Using keywords that are relevant to your organisation in your content on our site and linking those words to your website will help your website rank for that search phrase on Google. Link juice is also passed from high domain websites like ours to yours, boosting your SEO and making you easier to find on the web!

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