A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Measuring content marketing success

TIP: Measuring the success of your content marketing campaign requires long-term monitoring as opposed to instant rewards.

How to measure the success of Content Marketing: 

Often just looking at short term metrics like sales doesn’t tell the whole story of your content marketing efforts and can leave you scratching your head over the true value of content. A more realistic way to measure how content marketing has impacted your brand is to look at the long term metrics and how it affects brand visibility overall.

‘Increase brand visibility’ is a phrase every marketer since the beginning of time has thrown around. But how do you actually define and measure the success of it? Content is an important weapon in the fight for getting your brand noticed. This said, measuring the visibility of your brand is not as easy as measuring the success of something like a paid campaign.

Direct sales are often not a good indicator of the success of brand visibility. Instead, a better way to truly measure the success of your content marketing online is to look at things like your website traffic over an extended period of time, for example six to nine months. Looking on Google Analytics to see if there is an increase in traffic over time, as well as looking at the number of returning visitors versus new visitors is a great way to measure if your brand is getting the exposure and recognition it deserves. After all, think about how long it takes for you to get a brand stuck in your head! This in turn leads to more sales in the long-term, a far more valuable reward!

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