A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Staying agile online

TIP: The key to a successful digital strategy is agility. The online world is moving so quickly, if you're not moving with it you'll get left behind.

Staying agile online: 

The evolution of digital marketing has meant that we are able to engage with audiences better than we have ever been able to before. But it has also given consumers more options than ever before. This means that if you are not keeping up with the current digital trends, you are essentially being left behind.

A website is no longer enough to attract customers, nor is simply creating a Facebook page and hoping for people to stumble across it. In this day and age you cannot create a five-year marketing strategy and expect it to keep working for you. While it may be wildly successful at the moment, in the next two years the digital sphere will look completely different to how it looks today. Algorithms get updated, new platforms get released, and audiences consume online content in an ever-changing way.

For this reason, it’s crucial to stay flexible in your strategy. While a two-year strategy is doable, you need to ensure that you are constantly monitoring it and adapting to changing trends online. Set yourself two week milestones so that you are keeping on the ball and are able to switch tactics if something isn’t working. The trick to staying current is to keep reading. There are thousands of digital marketing sites online that monitor and report on the latest trends in the online world.

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