A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Writing for an online audience

TIP: Writing for an online audience requires you to really understand how people read when they're on their mobile or computer.

How to write for an online audience: 

No matter how sophisticated your audience might be, reading long-winded sentences on your mobile phone or even your computer isn’t fun for anyone.

While your instinct may be to write lovely, long descriptive paragraphs during your blog posts, it is important to remember that an online audience’s attention span is much shorter than someone reading a print magazine or newspaper. And with literally millions of websites vying for a piece of their attention, you really can’t blame them!

Because the online space is so competitive, it is important to try your best to keep sentences relatively short and to the point. Blog length should also not run too long. While the topic is highly debated, many say that a post should never be longer than 1,200 words if you don’t want your reader to click away half way through.

Blogs that make use of things like bullet points, subheadings and imagery are also much easier to scan for audiences, meaning that even though their time is limited, they can find what they want from your article more easily, without being overwhelmed by a wall of text.

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