Ethiopian Tourism Organization Statement

The Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO) wises to extend its warm Ethiopian New Year greetings to members of your associate (on. ETO is pleased to announce that the tourism sector ended the year with record numbers close to one million inbound international travellers to the country. Increasing travel media coverage indicates that Ethiopia is authentically appealing to the world as a top emerging tourist destination.

As we all  know,  in the last few  months,  there  have been some public  demonstrations in some part  of our country and as a result some  tourist  originating countries   issued travel  advisories  to inform  their  citizens  to take  extra precautionary  measures when visiting the affected areas which are a usual practice in; the travel industry. We understand that such travel advisories coupled with f0111:e media articles  have  caused concerns to Tourists who were planning to visit Ethiopia and tour operators which  organize tour packages.

In line with these developments, the Ethiopian Tourism Organization has discussed with active tour operators which are currently conducting t (J ur operation throughout the country, national peace and security Agencies, Regional Tourism Bureaus and Tour Guides. In all our discussion we have confirmed that both domestic and international tourists are visiting the various attraction places peacefully and there is no concern on peace and security. Moreover; there is no single incident encountered by either domestic or international tourists during the subject period.

Meanwhile,· there is also a bilateral discussion with concerned Embassies both at government level and concerned institutions to reassess the Travel Advisories  to  reflect the true reality on the ground  in the  country.

ETO would like to assure your members that all tourism destination sites across Ethiopia remain safe and open to travellers. Ethiopia hosted successfully two international sporting events that attracted many international tourists:  EthioTrail 2016 a running race competition that took place in Oromia region on August 7th 2016 and Tour Ethiopia, a cycling race competition that took place in Tigray region from August 28th to September 2nd.

Ethiopia is a mosaic of cultures living in harmony united in mutual respect for each other and genuine warmth towards guests in the land of which they are so proud.

The Ethiopian Tourism Organization  is  the federal  government  organization  that has the mandate for tourism destination and product  development  as  well  as marketing Ethiopia as a tourism destination in the  international  and  domestic  markets. With a committed readiness to enhance its marketing initiatives, ·  ETO predicts  a positive  Tourism performance  outlook  in the coming year.