A marketing tip from Africa Geographic: Creating content that answers questions

TIP: Using your content to answer people's questions is the best way to ensure it's found by the right readers online.

Using your content to answer a question: 

When brainstorming content ideas, it is useful to think about how people search for content. Generally, when someone uses Google, they are looking for a specific answer to their question. Whether it’s the ‘things to see in South Luangwa’ or ‘best places to stay in Kruger’, these people are in a ‘seeking’ mindset, looking for relevant information to fill a purpose, as opposed to a ‘browsing’ mindset where they consume content passively.

By creating content that answers people’s questions you are more likely to attract readers that are looking to achieve something, and therefore are more likely to click through.

Be careful not to make your answers too broad though if you want people to take action. Someone is far less likely to search for ‘the best hikes in Africa’ as opposed to ‘the best hikes in Cape Town’.

Making use of tools such as Answerthepublic.com and Keyword Planner, you can easily find out what kinds of things people are searching for in your field of expertise. Answer these questions in an insightful and unique way and your reach is likely to skyrocket!

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