Africa by air

Temple Point Resort Kenya opens up new unique Air Safaris all over Kenya as well as quick and memorable Air Transfers to Watamu.

This addition to our services makes us one of Kenya's most comprehensive adventure and holiday experiences.

Stretching our offers from on water to under water, into the savannah and now also...above and beyond.

Temple Point Resort unique location on the coast line of the Watamu National Park now satisfies every guests preferences and desire in a quick, comfortable and exciting manner.

Be it a Beach Holiday, flying amongst Pelicans and flamingos or swimming with dolphins.

And the ones who like to wait for the wonders of nature can watch the sea turtles lay their eggs and escort their hatchlings into the ocean at the beach of Temple Point Resort Kenya.

Come find us at the WTM Temple Point Resort stand and find out about our new slow flying double decker plane.

Experience Africa from a new angle, see you at WTM - LONDON.

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