Doing Good and Leaving our Legacy in Africa

Rhino Africa Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is Rhino Africa’s Doing Good division. It is focused on supporting and growing community and conservation initiatives in Africa through a unique and generous partnership with our travellers, suppliers, and employees.

It is our vision to leverage our authority in travel to nurture the human and natural capital and to ensure its sustainable development.  We empower our travellers to leave a legacy in Africa.  By travelling and booking with Rhino Africa, our clients help uplift local communities, enrich lives, fund conservation projects, and make a tangible difference in Africa’s wildlife, landscapes, and people.

For Rhino Africa, business is therefore not only about showcasing Africa’s beauty, but also leading and supporting sustainable development programmes that aim to ensure the empowerment, education, and protection of local communities and conservation initiatives. A major driving force behind our enterprise is the desire and passion for helping others and our commitment to various causes.

Our CSR projects are based on three pillars - people, wildlife, and the landscapes of Africa - which we operate within and measure ourselves against.

Partner with Rhino Africa and leave your legacy in Africa.

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