Step Back in Time with the Zu/’Hoasi Bushmen of Botswana

The Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana is one of the most remote wilderness destinations in Africa, a land hidden from civilisation and forgotten by time. This sense of isolation and insulation from the outside world is best exemplified by the Zu/’hoasi Bushmen.

Uncharted Africa’s Jack’s Camp offers guests the opportunity to spend some time with the tribe learning about their culture and traditions, and offers a window into the past.

The Bushmen teach visitors how they have survived in the harshest of environments using their vast and ancient knowledge of plants, animal behaviour and survival skills. They share their traditional hunting and food-gathering skills as well as how to make jewellery and hunting equipment. Visitors can walk with them, watch them make fire and see them perform their traditional dances. It’s a glimpse into their traditional way of life and an extraordinary experience.

The elders of the community meet visitors in a traditional manner after which they walk out into the bush with the men, women and children. The focus of the walk is to provide a gentle introduction to the Kalahari and Bushmen way of life. The group points out the distinct ecological characteristics of the area and its animal and bird species. Guests can discover extraordinary uses for ordinary-looking plants or learn how to hunt or squeeze water out of a desert melon.

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