HerdTracker: Crowd-sourcing the great migration

HerdTracker, a web application developed by Discover Africa in 2014, was launched to track the movement of the wildebeest migration in real-time. The web application has afforded wildlife enthusiasts and travellers the unique opportunity to explore the migration with accurate information based on the location of the migratory herds.



Now, in 2017 HerdTracker has been updated to include crowd-sourced data from anyone sharing sightings of the migratory herds using  #HerdTracker on Twitter and the location of the herds at the time of the sighting.


This will automatically pull through to the live feed and contribute to the overall accuracy, while the real-time movement can be viewed on the migratory map.


Together with continued contributions from existing partners in the Serengeti/Mara region, opening it up to the broader public will only serve to improve the data on the migratory herds’ location.


“The enormity of tracking such a prolific event takes a collaborative effort and we value all contributions. HerdTracker was developed to help make planning the journey easier for our customers. The HerdTracker safaris are the first of their kind to use crowd-sourced migration movement data to determine the best areas and the right lodges to stay at for migration safaris” says Andre van Kets, co-founder of HerdTracker.


Get involved

View HerdTracker in action or share your update if you have a sighting of the herds by using #HerdTracker with your location on Twitter. All updates pull through in real time to the web app on https://www.discoverafrica.com/herdtracker/