Twins of Kampala

Kampala city celebrates twins as thousands travel from around Uganda to participate in the annual Kampala Twins Festival.

The festival only in its fourth year is becoming a popular family event that brings together twins and their relations for a day of packed activities. In the 2016 edition, the oldest twins were 85.

Uganda Tourism Board partners with private businesses in promoting this campaign as one of the drivers for domestic tourism.

In Uganda, twins and their parents are held in very special regard. They bring honor to the family and as such they are given different names not shared by other family members. For example in Buganda you can tell who is a twin by their name Wasswa (older male) and Kato (younger male); Babirye (older female) and Nakato (younger female). Their parents too get the title Ssalongo (male) and Nalongo (female).

As an event, the Kampala Twins Festival has been growing year on year from the initial 40 twins sets at the first festival. Today, twins are expected to travel not only from around Uganda, but also from neighboring countries.