Cape Town hospitality pledging to be Waterwise

The Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa (FEDHASA) Cape has pledged their members to water-saving measures in Cape Town's drought.

After a meeting with hotel general managers on Thursday to discuss the water crisis in Cape Town, a commitment was made to improve water conservation measures and uphold a water-saving culture among visitors.

According to FEDHASA's Waterwise Pledge, "FEDHASA Cape recognises the critical role that tourism plays in the local economy (revenue and employment) and for that reason wants to be both a driver and partner in finding solutions that will mitigate the potential effects of this crisis."

"We also recognise that this is a global issue and want to set Cape Town on the map as an example of commitment to best practice and collaboration."

Those who attended the meeting all signed the pledge, and the organisation asks other members to print, sign and display the pledge at their property, as well as forward the signed pledge to FEDHASA.

Some key points highlighted in the pledge include setting water-saving benchmarks, appointing a Water Champion to monitor usage, focus on less water intensive tourism experiences and monitor and report back on progress and water usage.

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Source: Traveller24