Important news from Greystoke Mahale

Being conservationists at heart here at Nomad we recognise the growing pressure on fish stocks within Lake Tanganyika. We absolutely have to lead the way with sustainability in our wilderness, so we have decided to only fish on a catch and release basis from Greystoke.

Although that means no more sashimi, we trust that we can count on your support with this very positive step towards maintaining the Lake's ecosystem, and continuing to operate responsibly in our wild corner of Tanzania.

There is much to discover in Mahale beyond the chimps. We love nothing more than to venture out into the middle of the lake on our dhow and leap into the crystal clear depths of Tanganyika. Our kayaks sit waiting on the beach for paddles out into the lake, and a sunset cruise along the shore as the mountains fade in the setting sun is a magical end to unforgettable days. We are fortunate to be right within the Mahale National Park and we do have crocodiles and hippos along the shoreline from time to time so we no longer let our guests swim from the beach or snorkel in the lake. 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to give us a shout.

All the best, 

Tara and Lizzie