Seven years of Miracles in Matabeleland - Highlights from Imvelo’s Mobile Dental and Optical Safari 2017!

From a campfire discussion at Bomani many years ago to our first Mobile Dental Safari in 2011, this year our 7th was without a doubt the biggest and best yet. The number of patients treated in a little under a week was just over 4,000, while our first year was 1174!

But it’s not just about the numbers – the event has evolved into so much more than annual dental care for villagers. We now have an optical component that this year was larger than the dental, and we added a number of other different new elements each providing relief to thousands.

Miracle 1 - Where eye surgery is required
This year we provided the first surgical ophthalmological component in response to what we’ve seen in our communities in previous years. Our team was joined by gifted young Zimbabwean ophthalmologist Dr Gilbert Moyo from United Bulawayo Hospitals who diagnosed patients in need of eye surgery. Working with Sam Moyo our Communities Officer these patients will in the future be organised with transport to town for an operation that in most cases will save their eyes and restore vision. Our first patient Goodnight Sibanda has already had a successful operation that was urgent, paid for by D3 Foundation. We are in the process now of raising money for more than 100 other patients Dr Moyo identified as requiring eye surgery.

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