Odzala Discovery Camp - NB Updates 2018

The Congo Conservation Company (CCC) and Odzala Discovery Camps has a strong commitment to protecting the Congo Basin.
With this clear purpose in mind, we are delighted to share an important update for the year ahead. Keep in mind for every guest you send to Odzala, you are making a significant contribution to conservation of the Congo Basin.


  • COMMON RATES across all camps. Ngaga, Lango and Mboko are now the same nightly rate per person. WHY? Suggested itinerary is exactly that - suggested. We encourage flexibility and for guests at Odzala to move between camps at their own pace, according to their interests.
  • AFRICAN PARKS have increased the park fees for Odzala-Kokoua from 1 April for all new bookings. CCC will absorb the increase on all confirmed bookings.
  • GORILLA PERMITS for 2nd and 3rd treks have increased and are now the same price from 1 April (maximum of 4 guests per trek). CCC will absorb the increase on all bookings confirmed with the second and third trek at the lower rate.
  • LETTER OF INVITATION cost increases on 1 April 2018. Processing times for these letters have been reduced from 8 weeks to 2 weeks.


  • SCHEDULED CHARTERS are now twice weekly between Brazzaville & Odzala on Mondays AND Thursdays which means...
  • 3 PACKAGE OPTIONS with two flights a week we now have 4-, 7- and 10- night adventures. 

We look forward to welcoming your guests as they explore the last jungles of Tarzan!