A new, improved Travel Insurance Policy by JW Seagon

JWS Travel - Why dress it up any more? It is a JWS unique scheme and it covers Travel, hence, JWS Travel!

In conjunction with our good friends at ICEA Lion and Lloyds of London we have developed our own scheme, that combines extensive benefits and limits, including $5m Medical/Repatriation cover and up to $25,000 Cancellation/Curtailment cover, all at UK rates.

It is simple, very affordable and is an absolute must have for anyone traveling anywhere, whether it is for work or pleasure. in summary it is designed for the following:

  • Camps/Lodges/Hotels, who want a scheme for their guests and can be rated on the number of bed nights per annum.
  • Tour Operators/Travel Agents who wish to offer a bespoke scheme for travellers coming into the region or going out of country
  • Individuals and families looking for short period cover for any trip
  • Individuals and families looking for annual multi trip cover anywhere in the World
  • Group Travel for companies to avoid booking individual travel covers
  • Specific travel cover for those requiring higher Cancellation or Baggage limits than standard

We would be delighted to provide you with terms, rates and conditions on request and provide you with what see as the most comprehensive cover available locally.