Discover Gorilla Tracking in Rep. of Congo

Deep within the forest, there are families who have made this jungle home.

They have endured many trials and continue to face threats on their doorstep, however with the support of the communities that live alongside them, the researchers committed to their survival and the backing of authorities throughout the Republic of Congo, the critically endangered western lowland gorillas of the Congo Basin are protected.

Each guest at Odzala Discovery Camps actively contributes to their survival with funds raised through gorilla tracking permits supporting those working to safeguard their future.

Download our gorilla tracking guideline to prepare your clients for the tracker-led experience. Delve deeper and learn how our gorilla tracking style is founded on a deep mutual respect. It truly is conservation in action.

P.S. Did you know the scientific name for the western lowland gorilla is "Gorilla gorilla gorilla"? Even science is chanting you onward to your next adventure in the Congo Basin.


A team of permanent researchers, trackers and guides work with the gorilla families on a daily basis in order to study them, understand them and protect them.


  • Only available at Ngaga Camp (Odzala Discovery Camps)
  • 2 tracks included in our 7-Night Discovery 
  • 3 tracks included in each of our 4-Night and 10-Night Discoveries
  • Limited to 3-4 guests, a guide and a tracker (max 6 people per track)
  • Trackers are part of the research team bringing research and tourism together
  • Surgical masks are worn to protect the gorillas from airborne diseases
  • Medical screenings are required prior to travelling to be cleared for gorilla tracking
  • 2 permit types available: Observer & Researcher
  • Noise is kept to a minimum during the interaction with hand signals used to communicate
  • Guests remain at a respectful +7 metres to preserve the gorillas' natural behaviours and protect them against human disease
  • Tracks start on foot from Ngaga Camp and are relatively easy on flat terrain.

With western lowland gorillas being more agile than their mountain cousins, the tracks can be fast paced as we move with the families through the forest as an extension of their group. Trust in the trackers and guides is paramount as they ensure the best viewing opportunities. 

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