Meet Elewana’s youngest Head Guide

It is such a delight when you meet someone that is so passionate about what they do and is so full of life. The energy and enthusiasm that radiates from this young guide that works at Elewana Kifaru House in Lewa Borana Wildlife Conservancy is infectious. His knowledge of the bush and the animals that live in the conservancy is astounding and he is all too excited about sharing it all with our guests.

Godfrey Kinyaga was brought up in Ngare Ndare Village, which is approximately an hour from Elewana Kifaru House by road.  He became a guide because he is very passionate about wildlife and wildlife management, education, conserving the environment that we live in and coexisting with the wildlife in our area. He knew from a very young age that he wanted to get into guiding, growing up around the Lewa conservancy and the Ngare Ndare forest area and being so close to nature and wildlife of this outstanding area. Godfrey studied hard and after completing school he continued to Utalii College, where he studied tour guiding then attaining his bronze level Kenya Professional Safari Guide Association (KPSGA) and he is currently taking exams for the silver level. Most of his training was done locally in the Lewa Conservancy area.

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