The Serengeti Girls Run: Striving Towards a Common Goal

In October 2018, the Singita Grumeti Fund (SGF) partnered with BRAVE, a South African non-profit organisation, to host the inaugural Serengeti Girls Run in Tanzania. This all-women run across the Serengeti wilderness raised funds and awareness for the SGF’s girl and women empowerment programmes which are specifically aimed at providing opportunities for women in conservation, local commerce and community leadership. Runners of all levels joined this once-in-a-lifetime event that demonstrated the strength and determination of the women involved as well as the capacity for all of us to achieve more when we work together.

Part of the itinerary for the 3-day run saw the participants taking part in a 3km “fun run” with girls from the local communities. Girls from local high schools arrived in numbers and attended inspiring empowerment talks and a career fair where the participants shared their inspiring stories.

Each evening participants gathered around the fire at Singita Explore to share their incredible stories from the day. This camp provided a space for the women to connect, unwind and recharge for the physical and mental challenges of this remarkable endurance event.

Participants visited the SGF Joint Operations Centre and met the elite anti-poaching task force, the Domain Awareness System team and the highly-trained canine unit.

They left the Serengeti with a profound sense of achievement for their accomplishments as well as what they had contributed to the upliftment of women and girls in rural Tanzania.

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