Bumi Hills Safari Lodge welcomes French Artist Rens Lipsius to its community.

Rens Lipsius has always been filled with a love of nature and science, it is through this passion and his experimentation with camera and brush that he has become a formidable self-taught artist.

African Bush Camps in collaboration with Untamed Travelling is thrilled to host Rens at Bumi Hills Safari Lodge on the shores of majestic Lake Kariba and within close proximity to Matusadona National Park. Rens, who is based in Paris, France will be our in-house artist for the month of February, he will be joined by aspiring artist Lieselotte Verbruggen. During his time, he will be sharing his talents and teachings, seeking inspiration from the varying African surroundings. He will be stimulated by the array of activities enjoyed during his stay at magnificent Bumi Hills Safari Lodge including wildlife encounters form both land and water, exploring the Kariba islands prolific bird life and fishing.

Beyond this Rens will highlight the plight for conservation. He will raise awareness of poaching and the need to protect our wildlife. Rens will collaborate with African Bush Camps Foundation and visit local communities, specifically the Mangwara Community near Bumi Hills Safari Lodge. Here the community has been busy where work has begun on refurbishing the Primary School in the village. Watch local builder, Mr. Churuchaumba Jealous, as he aims to complete the construction on its 75th day. The progress and determination is inspiring, as this project is aimed to have a major impact on the community development and access to education resources of future generations in this area. Rens aspires to reflect on the process of communicating with and educating the community to bring greater consciousness of the need to conserve and protect their surroundings.

The opportunity to explore Lake Kariba from boat creates a unique safari experience

On completion of his journey, Rens will meet with African Bush Camps Founder and Professional Guide, Beks Ndlovu as they share ideas and methods to obtain their common goals of raising awareness and inspiring proactive behavior aimed at conservation and anti-poaching initiatives. Once Rens returns to Paris he will host two events, one in Paris and another in Amsterdam where he will be joined by Beks as they showcase Rens’s beautiful African journey and auction off his artworks in efforts to raise conservation funds.