Record number of rhino births for Borana Conservancy and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

2018 was a fantastic year for rhinos between Borana Conservancy and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. 

The Lewa-Borana Landscape is proud to report a total of 18 rhino births in 2018, supported by over five years of zero poaching. 

Borana Lodge is the only property on this landscape to commit all retained earnings from tourism to the sustainable conservation of land, wildlife and building local livelihoods in and around Borana Conservancy. This includes the recurrent training and welfare of over 100 wildlife rangers, the funding and support of a mobile clinic, an extensive education support program and a community focused livestock to market program, among others. 

Guests of Borana Lodge are encourage to take part in "behind the scenes of conservation" activities which include accompanying rangers on their evening deployments and tracking both black and white rhino on foot. 

For more information on the Lewa-Borana landscape and our conservation efforts or the 'behind the scenes of conservation' activities out of Borana Lodge, please get in touch here