Kamageo to promote Zimbabwe Tourism in the UK

In July 2019, Kamageo will launch a major new marketing initiative to promote tourism to Zimbabwe from the UK.

Kamageo will implement a marketing campaign funded by members of the newly created Zimbabwe Tourism Organisation [ZIMTO) which is made up predominantly by the private sector, but crucially also by ZTA. The rallying cry, used by Kamageo to get backing for the campaign - Now is the time for the lion to roar - saw the private sector rise to the opportunity in typically patriotic fashion.

Felica Munjaidi, based at Zimbabwe's London Embassy explained "After the best ever UK roadshow for Zimbabwe, organised by Kamageo, we are very exited by the ideas, energy and expertise that they can bring to this next stage. We cannot wait to get started".

The campaign will include PR, trade marketing and consumer engagement. It will include images of one of Cecil’s male descendants who is now creating a pride all of his own, echoing the storyline of Disney’s “Lion King”. The campaign is entitled “The King Has Returned” and plays on Zimbabwe having long been a premier safari destination, so after years of turmoil, it is 'back to claim its throne'.

Watch this space for more details which will emerge over the coming weeks.

Kamageo is now responsible for marketing Uganda (UTB), Zambia (ZMG & ZTA), Malawi (MTMC), Eswatini, Sierra Leone, Tanzania (TANTOO & TTB) and Zimbabwe (ZIIMTO & ZTA). For more information see www.kamageo.com