African Bush Camps “Wild Game” is open

“Nyamatusi” –lightly translates to “Wild Game,” this transcends perfectly to its location. Nyamatusi is set in one of the most remote parts of Africa the old untouched landscape of Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe. African Bush Camps are proud to announce this wonderful addition to our Mana Pools portfolio which provides a signature alternate for our guests travelling in the area.

Nyamatusi Camp welcomed our first guests on the 1st April in time for the beginning of the Mana Pools season. Our first guests were met by a jubilant team who were thrilled to see how all their hard work had paid off. Nyamatusi will enchant visitors with uninterrupted views of the Zambezi River and the escarpment beyond, the camp is submerged in raw Africa and surrounded by wild game.

Paying tribute to a feeling of community

Consisting of six luxury tented suites, each with a private plunge pool, indoor and outdoor shower, private deck shaded below the protective branches of Kigelia trees. Nyamatusi Camp holds an element of charm which entices guest to embrace their surroundings and pay homage to community, wildlife and nature. The common spaces invite guests to harmoniously gather to relax, dine and share, be it stories and experiences or laughter and friendship the space encourages and elevates the need for a connection between mind and nature. The library and bar create an intimate space and heighten the nostalgic feeling of togetherness while being surrounded by abounding wilderness. The second-story salon area provides elevated, uninterrupted views of the mighty Zambezi River, watch on as crocodiles slink away at the water’s edge and hippos grunt and babble seemingly telling bad jokes amongst each other. Guests can absorb the richness of their surroundings while being attentively hosted by their African Bush Camps family.

Nyamatusi Camps sister offering, Nyamatusi Mahogany (opening mid-April) sits nestled under ancient mahogany trees and is tailored to provide the perfect luxury safari experience for families. Consisting of 2 tented suites and 2 family suites the camp was designed to enable serenity and harmony between guests and nature. The Ngwana (Explorer) Club promotes the philosophy of inviting children into the wild. Child specialist guides/hosts are available to offer tailor-made activities for children of all ages.

Uninterrupted views of the mighty Zambezi River

Nyamatusi was designed with conservation at the forefront of development, as African Bush Camps founder and professional guide, Beks Ndlovu enlightens, “Nyamatusi seeks to afford guests the opportunity to have a genuine, deep satisfaction that they have travelled into an authentically wild area and have not harmed the environment but have in fact contributed positively to the conservation and preservation of the area whilst providing employment and development benefits to the local people.”

Nyamatusi offers a variety of activities including game drives, canoe safaris, fishing, birding and walking safaris. Mana Pools is famous for its walking safaris which have been conducted since the park first opened in 1963. Join our African Bush Camps experts and knowledgeable guides on a walking safari, wandering along the Zambezi floodplain, learning about life in the bush and ancient tales that go along with it.

Mana Pools National Park

Mana Pools National Park 

Despite a turbulent political past and economic challenges in recent times, Zimbabwe has managed to preserve its dramatic landscapes and incredible wildlife and is back on the map as one of the most sought-after safari destinations in Africa. Mana Pools National Park is one of the world’s wildest and best preserved natural ecological areas and lies in the northern part of Zimbabwe on the southern side of the Zambezi River. This World Heritage Site is one of the least developed national parks in Southern Africa, and with almost 70% of the park only traversable on foot, Mana Pools remains one of the most untouched ecosystems in Africa.


Mana Pools is famous for its walking safaris which have been conducted since the park first opened in 1963. Join our African Bush Camps expert and knowledgeable guides on walking safaris, wandering along the Zambezi floodplain, learning about life in the bush and ancient tales that go along with it. The area is made up of sparse vegetation allowing good visibility and relatively relaxed wildlife which means that you can expect close encounters with exciting species, both large and small. Mana Pools park stretches along 52 km of Zambezi river frontage, islands, sandbanks and pools, which are all flanked by forests of mahogany, wild fig, ebonies and baobabs. Mana is a Shona word for ‘four’ and signifies the four large pools situated throughout the vicinity of the park.


  • Nyamatusi is accessible via road but this is strictly advised to experienced 4 X 4 drivers and vehicles.
  • Fly from Victoria Falls or Harare International airport
    Safari Logistics does daily seat rate charters from Victoria Falls and Harare to Mana Pools National park

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