Greystoke Mahale's Mwiga Mambo features on "Faces of Africa"

Chimpanzees are a "family business" for Mwiga Mambo; his father and uncle were among the first people to work with the Japanese research team in Mahale when they arrived in 1965. He met Jane Goodall when he was 16, and impressed her with his knowledge of chimpanzees, and with a drawing he had done of a chimp. 

Mwiga has worked with Nomad Tanzania for over 20 years, all at Greystoke Mahale, and is without doubt one of the leading primatology guides on the continent. His passion, insatiable curiosity and commitment to the chimpanzees is undeniable, and we were thrilled that he had the opportunity to feature on "Faces of Africa" last week. 

Do yourself a favour and escape to Mahale for 30 minutes to hear his story. 

Watch the film here: 

Over the last few years Mwiga has been an incredible ambassador for Nomad and the chimps of Mahale, travelling to Asia and the USA, and most recently to the UK to speak at the Royal Geographical Society at the launch of Remembering Great Apes, the latest instalment in the brilliant Remembering Wildlife series founded by Margot Raggett. 

Huge thanks to Karin Slater and her team for their work on the feature.