Bon Voyage and Thank you – Jabulani Ranger Andre de Jager embarks on a new life chapter

“Everybody loves him.” – Ruan Roos, Head Ranger at Jabulani

Today we say Bon Voyage to Andre de Jager, who has been a loyal and committed ranger at Jabulani for the past three and a half years.


Andre started his career at Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) as a guide and then ran their volunteer programme (WCE). After a year and a half, an opportunity arose for him to join our team at Jabulani, and he fit in like a glove from the very beginning.

Those that have met and worked with Andre will no doubt agree that he has an extremely loveable nature, works extremely hard, and is always a team player. His quick and witty jokes have brought many smiles to our days too.

Andre has decided to follow his heart, and travel to the USA to be reunited with his girlfriend, Chloe Grotto, who he met here at Jabulani in 2017. During that year Chloe was based at Jabulani as our resident researcher, to assist us with necessary research that we undertook to monitor the Jabulani herd, comparing their stress levels compared to the wild elephants on Kapama Game Reserve. ( You can read about her work HERE)

True to Andre’s nature, he would often offer to assist Chloe in collecting elephant dung for her research project, and so another Jabulani romance began to bloom. Sadly, Chloe had to return to the USA in 2018, but their relationship has continued to grow over time, despite the long distance between them.

Although we are naturally sad to see Andre leave, we want nothing but the best for him, as he truly deserves it, and so we wish him well for his future. He is the type of person that will succeed in everything he does, as he has a “Can Do” attitude and approaches everything in life in that way, and always with a smile.

A few words from our MD, Adine Roode about Andre:

“André started his career at Hesc and was one of the guides that showed potential and eagerness to grow from the onset.

I will never forget the day he took a photography student through HESC, (as he is a keen photographer himself, as many of our followers will know), and an ostrich showed a lot more interest in Andre than the photographer, and lucky for us, we got the photos to remember the moment forever!

I wish him well and know that he has had a good foundation at Hesc and Jabulani. All of the team will miss him as colleagues and as friends, and I will fondly remember him as his Jabulani “mom.”

We will miss you!

Andre, I wish you the best for the future and know you will always be part of our vision and be an ambassador to our Jabulani brand. Your enthusiasm and passion always made guests feel part of the Jabulani family, and for that, I thank you. You will always be part of our Jabulani Family.” ~ Adine Roode