Discover Zambia with Wilderness Safaris

The Busanga Plains in Zambia’s legendary Kafue National Park remains one of Africa’s most significant wetland resources, and one of the few areas in the world untouched by development and human activity, a true Wilderness destination.

Wilderness Safaris’ existence has played a key role in the conservation of the country’s largest species diversity – some 55 large mammals, including 20 ungulate and six cat species, nearly 500 bird species, providing life-changing employment to local community members as well as a vital anti-poaching presence.

To the south, just upstream of the legendary Victoria Falls along the mighty Zambezi River, is Wilderness Safaris Toka Leya Camp – the ideal starting (or finishing) point to a purposeful Zambian safari. This life-changing experience is complemented by other activities such as a visit to a nearby rural village and Livingstone town, adding cultural and historical diversity.

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