The Safari Store is paying thousands of pounds in commission to their partners

Last week, The Safari Store got in touch with their partners to inform them about thousands of pounds worth of unpaid commissions accrued through the retailer’s partner programme. If you are a partner, find out how to claim your commission here. If you would like to find out more about joining The Safari Store’s partner programme, click here or contact

The Safari Store's main aim is to enhance the experience of all who go on safari by ensuring that they have the best in safari clothing, luggage, binoculars, and gear - and advice to match. Through our partners programme, not only do we assist the clients of tour operators and safari companies as they pack for their safaris, but we also offer commission for any sales generated.

The partner programme has grown from strength to strength over the years, with many tour operators seeing the packing element as a valuable extension of their service. There are also some exciting developments in the pipeline to further enrich the relationship between the retailer and its partners, including an exciting affiliate programme. Details will be revealed in the coming months.