Absolute Exclusiveness at Kitich Forest Camp

Introducing the new Exclusive Use Rate at Kitich Forest Camp. Your guests can now enjoy absolute exclusiveness by booking the ENTIRE camp for private use!

Please get in touch for more information. 

Read below on how to discover Kitich and all it's distinctive and exceptional experiences. 

c a m p  - 

  •  6 classic safari tents. Three twin and three doubles. 
  • All ensuite, flush toilets and bucket showers.
  • Beautiful verandas overlooking the magical forest glade and Ngeng River. 
  • Main area and deck dining area, bar all open fronted overlooking the valley tempting you to just stop and watch.  

a c c e s s  - 

  1. Kalama Airstrip - daily flights with Air Kenya and Safarilink. 2.5 hour road transfer to camp. 
  2. Charter into Ngelai Airstrip  - 20 minute drive from camp
  3. Nanyuki - Fly or take a road transfer to Nanyuki from here charter with Tropic to Ngelai Airstrip.
  4. Wamba Town Junction - Good meeting point from Saruni Samburu or other Samburu based loges. 
  5. Driving - from Nairobi takes 8 hours, stop off for lunch in Nanyuki.

c o m b i n e s   e x c e p t i o n a l l y  w e l l  w i t h  - 

S A R A R A 

  • Use the Murrit Pass to transfer over to  Sarara, an exciting walk down through the valley, is an exhilarating way to explore both areas. Once at the bottom of the Pass the Sarara vehicle will meet you and drive you over to Sarara/Reteti. 

S A R U N I   S A M B U R U

  • For guests wanting to combine Saruni Samburu or Saruni Rhino, it's an easy transfer of 2 hours from camp to Wamba Town Junction, where you will meet the Saruni vehicle.  

a c t i v i t i e s  - 

- Set out on walks from camp. 22 different trails. 
- Discover crystal clear streams and cool off in the springs. 
- Climb to the peaks of nearby hills and rocky outcrops. 
- Countless birds and butterflies to discover. 
- Revel in the presence of pristine forest, elephants and Giant Cyads. 

- Quad biking, we have 5 new quad bikes. Explore the surrounding lowlands, visit the local village or ride up to sundowners or down the Muritt Pass. 
The quad bike rides do not venture into the peace and tranquility of the forest. 

c e l e b r a t i n g  c u l t u r e - 

Walk with the 'Guardians of the Forest'.
The Butterfly People, the guides at Kitich are local Samburu, exotic and colourful.
Full of knowledge, they share all they know about how the forest works. 
In the dry season, there is access to nearby Singing Wells.