Leap of Faith - a rewildling story

House in the Wild is celebrating 10 years of the Enonkishu Conservancy, and it has certainly grown up.

Based on the border of Ol Chorro Oiruwa Conservancy in the Maasai Mara, House in the Wild has been part of a pioneering re-wilding project where an area that was previously severely overgrazed with very little wildlife has now been opened up to conservation and now biodiversity is thriving.  It is an inspriational story of how wildlife can bounce back and communities can truly benefit from eco-tourism.

The House in the Wild lodge is owned and operated by Tarquin and Lippa Wood and is a boutique eco lodge that has gone through a beautiful transformation and is now part of the Bush and Beyond portfolio of properties.  

The Wild Villa, once a private family homestead, has been turned into an exclusive safari house, where guests are looked after by their private chef, butler and guide and can enjoy safaris from the comfort of their own home and plan their itinerary at their own pace. Perfect for multigenerational families wanting to experience quality time and a life changing safari. 

In between safaris and spending time with the incredible wildlife that has come back to the area, the guests are invited to get immersed in the community with their water, education or health projects, or to visit the Rhino Sanctuary, the Wildlife club at the Emarti School, or learn about the community conservation work going on. Guests are welcome to visit their indigenous tree nursery and get their hands dirty planting some trees.  There are also opportunities to go hiking with their Maasai guides, play tennis, or just lounge by the pool while watching hippos doing the same in the river down below!

It is a story of growth, hope and progress and more can be seen on the following video link.


For more information or to book a trip, please contact info@bush-and-beyond.com, or bookings@bush-and-beyond.com