Muthaiga Travel Team celebrates Mrs. Klarissa Wills and Ms. Mira Bid

Recently, the Muthaiga Travel Team celebrated Mrs. Klarissa Wills and Ms. Mira Bid. It was an exciting occasion.

Klarissa Wills, the Founder and Managing Director of Muthaiga Travel came to Kenya 50 years ago.

Mira Bid, the General Manager and Director, joined the agency 20 years ago as a Travel consultant.

Klarissa Wills is a trained engineer, was a professional photographer and for many years worked as a tour guide, enjoying the county’s beauty. She started Muthaiga Travel with one employee in 1988.  Her vision was to share her knowledge of the country with visitors to East Africa.

At present the agency employs over 50 members of staff and is now one of the leading Travel Agencies in Kenya.   

Please join the Muthaiga Travel Team in wishing Klarissa and Mira a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.