Wilderness Safaris Announces the Restoration of Little Kulala

Wilderness Safaris’ acclaimed desert retreat in Namibia’s extraordinary Sossusvlei area, Little Kulala, has closed for remodelling. Scheduled to reopen in June 2020, the refurbished camp will maintain the same much-loved look and feel, with great emphasis placed on offering innovative in- and out-of-camp activities that celebrate the splendour and solitude of the Namib Desert. 

Changes include new flooring, redoing the main area deck, and the addition of a photo hub in the upstairs library space, where guests can learn more about the Namib Sand Sea and other interesting facts about the area. While maintaining the same light footprint, the 11 “kulalas” will have a spacious deck and elevated walkways. Each kulala will also offer a rooftop stargazing experience, enabling guests to identify the astronomical wonders of the Namibian night sky. 

A particularly interesting new feature will be a signature sleep-out experience on the bottom deck of each kulala, so guests can easily access their rooms during the night. Other activities include sunrise breakfasts or brunches at superb outdoor locations, gin stops and self-guided walking trails. All these are in addition to Little Kulala’s multiple activities that allow guests to immerse themselves in the stark beauty of the desert. These include scenic safaris on foot and by vehicle, quad-bike adventures and life-affirming hot air balloon experiences.

Back in 1996, when Wilderness Safaris first started operating in the area, the locale had previously been used for subsistence goat farming, and precious little indigenous wildlife remained. The company undertook a comprehensive rehabilitation programme to restore the degraded land. Today, Wilderness Safaris continues to play a leading role in the conservation of Namibia’s wilderness and wildlife.