Shinde Rebuild - 2020

Shinde is an iconic camp, one of the first in the Okavango Delta and loved by many. The new Shinde will be built in a way that pays homage to its former self. Retaining the authentic classic safari style, the new tents and main area will provide a luxury experience with a touch of historical charm. The décor can be described as having the best of nature within an authentic safari design - still with the understated, friendly and intimate KDB feeling. Think Elegant, Classic, Opulent ‘Out of Africa’. A ‘worldly’ sophisticated safari experience.

Our aim is to bring elements of the Okavango flowing into the camp with lily pad and other fauna artwork in brass and copper. Capturing a feeling of luxury plus authentic safari with comfortable and elegant - but not dated or complicated furniture. Bringing the best of traditional safari design over the years to capture a feeling and place in time. Feeling fresh but grounded and earthy still with leathers, cream, rich woods. Many pieces of furniture and décor items will be “Made in Maun”, utilising Botswana artisans and supporting our ethos to buy locally.

Shinde will have completed its transformation ready to welcome guests on the 1st June 2020.

Key points:

  • 100% solar conversion.
  • One family tent – two bedrooms with shared en-suite bathroom, sleeping a MAX. 5 pax.
  • Seven twin/double tents - one guide tent (guest standard).
  • Each bathroom will have both an indoor and outdoor shower.
  • Reduced min age from 10 to 7 years of age - standardising the KDB portfolio (except for Footsteps Across the Delta – walking safari, min age 16).
  • Retain the tree house feel with a multi-tiered main area.
  • Addition of an outside dining deck.
  • Lounges, dining areas (indoor and outdoor), fire deck all with beautiful views over a permanent lagoon. Same location as existing dining area.
  • New arrivals area, in the place of the old fire deck.
  • New pool with views over a permanent channel.
  • Shinde Enclave to be rebuilt providing a private bar, lounge, dining area, mini library, outside fire deck and sun lounger spot. Same location as existing structure.
  • Jetty moved to a secluded location.
  • Back of house will receive a new staff village kitchen, laundry and common area. New office for the camp managers and upgraded management houses.
  • We will continue with no wifi and provide a guest laptop connected to wired internet.