Aerial Patrols Continue To Combat Poaching In North-West Namibia

In an ongoing partnership with Save the Rhino Trust Namibia (SRT) and the Ministry of Environment and Tourism (MET), Wilderness Safaris is proud to report the success of their most recent entirely airborne anti-poaching operation, forming part of a campaign launched last year. Involving two helicopters and a fixed-wing aircraft, the aim of the campaign is to monitor, dehorn and protect black rhino in north-west Namibia. Funded partly by Wilderness Safaris’ Sustainability Fund, the recent operation saw close to 50 rhinos dehorned in order to deter poachers, as well various other veterinary services carried out in the local villages.  

“Through the Wilderness Safaris Sustainability Fund, I was able to secure funding to obtain vaccines, medicines and professional time to act on this situation.  We were therefore able to fly, immobilise, dehorn and treat rhino during the day, in probably the most rugged terrain on Earth where rhino exist”, notes Dr Conrad Brain, Wilderness Safaris Namibia Environmental Scientist, Pilot and Veterinarian.

This was just the beginning, and the team is planning on returning to assist with setting up a mobile clinic in one of the villages to enable Conrad to do the surgical work that is now required for many of the animals. “It is a privilege to help our local communities and to reiterate the important connection between communities, ecotourism and conservation – their support and understanding of conservation is of vital importance for the future protection of our wilderness areas, and the survival of the rhino”, he says.

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